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Low Table Strapping Machine

Low Table Strapping Machine

Product Features

Model No.      RP406L
Min. Strap Size      60x30mm
Strap Speed      1.5 sec.
Strap Width      6-15mm
Strap Force(Newton)      450
Working Table Height      500mm
Power Source (V/Hz)      220/50 1/4HP
Machine Dimension      900X580X500(mm)
Machine Weight      80Kg


low table strapping machine, also known as a low-profile strapping machine or a low-height strapping machine, is a type of packaging equipment used to securely strap or band packages, bundles, or palletized loads with plastic or steel straps. These machines are designed to be placed at ground level or a low height, making them suitable for environments where space is limited or where it's more convenient to have the machine closer to the floor.

Here are some key features and functions typically associated with low table strapping machines:

  1. Low Profile Design: These machines are constructed with a low table height, allowing operators to load and unload packages easily without the need for lifting heavy items to a higher level.

  2. Strapping Capability: Low table strapping machines are capable of applying plastic or steel straps around packages or bundles to secure them for transportation or storage. They use tensioning mechanisms to tighten the straps securely around the load.

  3. Semi-Automatic or Automatic Operation: Depending on the model, low table strapping machines can be either semi-automatic or fully automatic. Semi-automatic machines require some manual intervention, such as feeding the strap around the package and activating the strapping process, while automatic machines can perform strapping cycles with minimal human input.



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