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Strapping Machine

Strapping Machine

Product Features

Model No.      Paras st 1.5mm
Strapping Speed      1.5sec
Strap Width      9-15mm
Strap Force      450(Newton)
Working Table height      750mm
External Dimensions      900x580x750mm


Paras 900x580x750mm Semi Automatic Strapping Machine is a premium quality Packaging Machines from Rishi Packaging. This close-type frame with innovative clutch cams transmission can help you pack/secure your packages firmly and properly.

  • Strapping machines are used for keeping boxes, packages, and bundles held tight and together.
  • These machines are loaded with a roll of material called strapping that is then dispensed and sealed around a box, a package, a bundle of wood, or other material that needs to beheld together.



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