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Batch Coding Machine with a conveyor

Batch Coding Machine with a conveyor

Product Features

Model No.      PARAS
Voltage      100 t0 240 V AC Input
Voltage      50-60 Hz
Printing Speed      40m/min
Printing Conveyor size      12.5mm (Adj. lines) Conveyor width 8 inch
Machine Dimension      128x90x45mm
System/CPU      Linux/Quad CORE 1.4 GHz
Screen Type      6 inc.LCD With Touch Screen


Batch Coding Machine with a conveyor system is a type of automated packaging equipment used for printing batch numbers, expiration dates, manufacturing dates, and other variable information on products or packaging as they move along a conveyor belt. Here's how it typically works:

  1. Conveyor System: The conveyor system consists of a motorized belt or rollers that transport products or packaging containers along a predetermined path at a consistent speed. The conveyor may be adjustable to accommodate various product sizes and shapes.

  2. Batch Coding Machine Integration: The batch coding machine is integrated into the conveyor system at a specific point along the production line. It is positioned to print directly onto the passing products or packaging.

  3. Printing Technology: Similar to handheld batch coding machines, batch coding machines with conveyors utilize technologies such as inkjet printing, thermal printing, or laser marking to print variable information onto surfaces.

    • Inkjet Printing: Inkjet printers are commonly used for their versatility and ability to print high-quality text, numbers, and codes on various materials.



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