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Cartoon Sealer with Strapping Machine

Cartoon Sealer with Strapping Machine

Product Features

Model No.      PR102PLS
Voltage      220/50 AC
Gross Power      110Wt
Max. Carton Size(LxWxH)      600x500x500mm
Min Carton Size(LxWxH)      180x300x130
Speed      16
Productive Capacity      600(pcs/h)
Height of Table      830mm
Adhesive Tape      BOPP, PVC Adhesive tape
Available Strapping Belt      plastic strapping belt
External Dimension(LxWxH)      6650x1420x1565mm


  • This system combines auto carton sealing machine with fully-auto strapping machine to meet the customer’s needs and reduce labor costs. Design of combining these two machines together makes the job done in one process.
  • Providing continues sealing and strapping offers cost effective and reliable quality, is easy to operate and maintain.
  • Carton sealing machine and strapping machine can be used separately.
  • All-in-One design for the main head is solid and durable.
  • The Aluminum Arch is specified for small cartons. The strapper can precise the strapping at the requested position.



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