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Web Sealer Machine

Web Sealer Machine

Product Features

Model No.      RP2216
Voltage (V/Hz)      300/50 3 Phase
Power Consumption      1.5 (Kw)
Max Packaging Dimension(LXWXH)      500X290X380
Max Sealing Length (mm)      650
Height of Conveyor(mm)      800-50(Adjustable)
Machine Dimension(LXWXH)      1370X920X1800
Packaging Speed      0-12(pcs/min)


web sealer machine is a type of packaging machinery used in various industries, particularly in the packaging of products for distribution and sale. It is primarily employed for wrapping and sealing products or packages in plastic film. The machine works by taking a roll of plastic film, often referred to as a "web," and using heat to seal the film around the product or package, creating a tight, protective covering.

Web sealer machines come in different configurations and sizes, depending on the specific requirements of the packaging process. Some machines are semi-automatic, requiring some manual intervention, while others are fully automated, operating with minimal human involvement.

These machines are commonly used in industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and consumer goods packaging. They offer benefits such as increased efficiency, product protection, and enhanced presentation.



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