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Web Sealer Machine

Web Sealer Machine

Product Features

Model No.      RP2216


Web Sealer Machine, also known as a web sealing machine or a shrink wrapping machine, is a packaging equipment used to wrap products or packages with shrink film and then seal the film using heat. Here's how it typically works:

  1. Web Film: The machine uses a continuous roll of shrink film, often referred to as a "web," which is unwound from a roll and fed into the machine.

  2. Product Placement: The products or packages to be wrapped are manually or automatically placed onto the film. They are positioned in such a way that the film will wrap around them when sealed.

  3. Sealing: Once the products are in place, the machine seals the edges of the film together using heat. This creates a loose bag around the products.

  4. Cutting: After sealing, a cutting mechanism trims off the excess film, leaving only the sealed film around the products.

  5. Shrink Tunnel Integration: Some web sealer machines are integrated with a shrink tunnel, which is a separate chamber where the sealed products pass through to shrink the film tightly around them.

  6. Shrinkage: In the shrink tunnel, heat is applied to the sealed film, causing it to shrink tightly around the products, conforming to their shape and providing a secure wrap.

  7. Cooling: Once the film has shrunk tightly around the products, it may pass through a cooling section to help set the film and ensure a secure seal.



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