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Chamber Shrink Machine

Chamber Shrink Machine

Product Features

Model No.      RP1520
Voltage(V/Hz)      AC 220/50
Sealing Speed      700-1000(pcs/h)
Machine Dimension(LXWXH)      2030x795x1110(mm)


Chamber Shrink Machine, also known as a shrink wrap chamber machine or shrink wrapping tunnel, is a type of packaging equipment used to wrap products in shrink film. Here's how it typically works:

  1. Chamber: The machine consists of a chamber with a sealing bar and a heat source. The chamber is large enough to accommodate the product or products to be wrapped.

  2. Shrink Film: The product or products are placed on a platform within the chamber, and a roll of shrink film is positioned above them.

  3. Sealing and Cutting: The operator positions the open end of the shrink film over the product and lowers the sealing bar. The sealing bar then presses down, sealing the open end of the film to create a bag around the product. Simultaneously, a cutting mechanism trims off the excess film.



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