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Continuous Heavy Duty Band Sealer Machine in Vertical

Continuous Heavy Duty Band Sealer Machine in Vertical

Product Features

Model No.      1200V
Voltage      1.35 wt 220/50 (V/Hz)
Sealing Speed      0-12 mm
Sealing Height      80 to 600mm
Sealing Width      6-12mm
Conveyor Max Load      15kg
Overall Dimension      1371x580x1228mm (LxWxH)
Speed      Variable


We are suppling different types of Band Sealer Machine for different uses.This machines actual price depand upon machine size and capacity.we provide Band Sealer Machine with Nitrogen Flushing also.


It is can be used in production line and specially designed to seal bags made from thick film. This machine is ideal for sealing grit, hardware products, liquid, powder, etc.

These machines are designed to quickly seal a variety of ... Continuous band sealers could almost be called automated bag ... You have probably seen examples of packaging sealed with a band sealer in the grocery store.



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