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Bottle Cap Sealing Machine

Bottle Cap Sealing Machine

Product Features

Model No.      PR40
Voltage      220/60(V/Hz)
Cap Diameter      25to40
Capacity      1200(Bottles/H)
Type Of Cap      Plastic Cover/aluminium
External Dimension      650x200x920mm
Speed      Variable


This machine is suitable for a variety of metal caps metal theft proof lock screw,sealing work.it is mainly used for capping in beverage bottles,wine bottles,wine bottles,chemical bottels,pharmaceutical bottels and food bottals....


Cap Sealing Machine Cap Sealing Machine is used for sealing the cap of plastic containers and plastic bottles.

Bottle Cap Sealing Machines It Seals plastics Bottles, Jars, Container, Bowl, Trays etc. with Foil/ Lid



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